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Binnie's Mods by Binnie

Binnie's Mods is incompatible with Forestry v4.2+. To get it to work check out Chocohead's Binnie Patcher.

Binnie's Mods was originally called Extra Bees and then Extra Bees and Trees.

It adds 111 new species of bee and 66 new honey combs, most which can be centrifuged to give products from vanilla Minecraft, Forestry and other forge mods such as IndustrialCraft² and Railcraft. It also adds many new machines to help manage and manipulate your bee, tree and flower collection. As well as many new trees and flowers.

The plugin is available for several Forestry versions. For more information and downloads, see: Binnie's Mods Website, or Minecraft Forum Thread, or CurseForge.

Mod Spotlight by HaighyorkieChilled (feat. Binnie)

Published 27th August, 2014

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