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The Carpenter is similar to an Automatic Crafting Table, except it has a specific recipe set. For example, you aren't able to automatically craft Stone into Stone Bricks.

The Carpenter’s main task is the creation of Bog Earth, Humus (although there are methods to make these items without this machine, they aren't as efficient) and the [Crating] of some items and blocks for more compact storage.

It is also used in the creation of the Beealyzer, Treealyzer and the various Woven Backpacks, among other machines, tools and items that are needed for Forestry and other mods.


I. Crafting grid:

Left-click to add an item to the crafting grid, right-click to remove it.

II. Extra input slot:

Place Crates or Cartons (depending on needs) here.

III. Liquids

(Water, Seed Oil, etc.) input slot. Different recipes need different liquids. See the Recipes section for more details.

IV. Resource inventory:

Place the necessary crafting resources here.

V. Resulting product and progress bar

If a valid recipe has been inputed the final product will be displayed here

VI. Product output slot

Finished products can be picked up here

VII. Liquid tank

Can be filled by placing the relevant liquid in Area III, through Buildcraft Waterproof Pipes or through Thermal Expansion Liquiducts. Can be emptied by left-clicking with a Pipette.


See Carpenter Recipe List for more information.


Bronze Ingot


Bronze Ingot

Bronze Ingot

Sturdy Casing

Bronze Ingot

Bronze Ingot


Bronze Ingot



  • 1 x Sturdy Casing
  • 6 x Bronze Ingot
  • 2 x Glass


  • 1 x Carpenter


Note: Redstone Flux Energy
The Carpenter requires Redstone Flux Energy (RF) in order to work. You can supply it by connecting any RF power source.


RedPower2 Tubes behave differently than BuildCraft pipes! This is not a bug.


  • Top/Bottom: Cartons and Crates (needs the recipe to be set beforehand!)
  • Sides: Crafting resources (needs the recipe to be set beforehand!
  • Any Sides: Liquids


  • Any side: Product(s)
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