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Does not need to be powered by an engine.


Moisteners are used to produce mycelium from wheat, seeds and water for use in mushroom farms. They can also be used to create mossy cobblestone and mossy stone bricks.

Wheat is cycled through a “working slot” during production and slowly degrades from Wheat to Mulch:

  Mouldy Wheat
 Decaying Wheat

Each further degradation stage up to mulch (which is useless in the moistener and will have to be removed/pumped out) yields better results in mycelium production.

Moisteners work best in dark locations.

A simple setup can be seen below:

The brightness on this image has been enhanced for clarity - in Minecraft, the room is completely dark.


I. Water Tank

Displays the current water level inside the Moistener

II. Resource Stash

Pipes and tubes will interact with these slots. Whenever the reservoir runs out of useable resources, up to two new stacks of resources are rotated into it from this stash.

III. Reservoir

Current reservoir of wheat, mouldy wheat, decaying wheat and mulch. The working slot will take the most pristine resource from this storage to produce mycelium. After use the resource is again deposited back into the reservoir until the next cycle can begin.

IV. Working Slot

Item in this slot is currently used to produce the final product.

V. Selector Slot

Used to select what will be made. Seeds make Mycelium, Cobblestone makes Mossy Cobblestone, and Stone Bricks makes Mossy Stone Bricks.

VI. Product and Input Slot

Finished products are deposited here. Can also be used to manually transfer water into the resource tank by putting water cans in here.


Copper Gear


Copper Gear


Sturdy Casing


Copper Gear


Copper Gear



  • 1 x Study Casing (As of for MC 1.5.1)
  • 4 x Glass
  • 4 x Copper Gear


  • 1 x Moistener

Pipes (BuildCraft)

RedPower2 Tubes behave differently than BuildCraft pipes! This is not a bug.

Insert Wheat, Mouldy Wheat and Decaying Wheat (right or left sides)
Remove mulch (right or left sides)
Insert Seeds/Cobblestone or Stone Bricks (top)
Extract Mycelium/Byproduct (bottom) Insert water (back)


  • Seeds/Cobblestone or Stone Bricks (Top and Bottom)
  • Wheat, Mouldy Wheat and Decaying Wheat (Sides)
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