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The Squeezer is a machine that is tasked with squeezing liquids from items. For example, you can squeeze Honey Drops into Liquid Honey.

It can also be used to retrieve the liquids from the inside of cans, bottles, capsules, etc., with a small chance of retrieving some of the container's resources (such as Tin Ingots).


Squeezer GUI

The Squeezer's GUI is divided into five areas:

I - Resource Area
This is where you'll place the things you want to squeeze, such as Honey Drops, Capsules with Liquids or even Snowballs with Ice Shards. See Recipes for more information.

II. Circuit upgrade slot
Place a circuit board in here to upgrade the machine.

III - Byproduct Slot
Some recipes have a small chance of producing byproducts, such as Mulch or Tin Ingots.

IV - Liquids Tank
Any liquids that are produced from the squeezing process end here.

V - Liquid Container Slot
Place a Liquid Container (such as a Wax Capsule) in here to have it filled from the contents of the Liquids Tank (II). Filled containers go to VI.

VI - Filled Container Slot
Containers placed in V end here.


Since v4 the Squeezer can be upgraded with Golden, Emerald, or Blazing Electron Tubes.

The effects of these tubes are:

Type of TubeEffect (Max Stack)Change in SpeedChange in Power Use
GoldenMachine Efficiency (2)N/A-10%
EmeraldSpeed Boost I (4)+12.5%+5%
BlazingSpeed Boost II (4)+25%+10%


See Squeezer Recipe List for more information.


Tin Ingot


Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot

Sturdy Casing

Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot


Tin Ingot



  • 1 x Sturdy Casing
  • 6 x Tin Ingot
  • 2 x Glass


  • 1 x Squeezer


Note: Redstone Flux Energy
The Squeezer requires Redstone Flux Energy (RF) in order to work. You can supply it by connecting any RF power source.

As is the case with most machines, the more power you supply to the Squeezer, the faster it'll work.


RedPower2 Tubes behave differently than BuildCraft pipes! This is not a bug.

Insert squeezable product into back of Squeezer, extract byproduct through the top of the Squeezer.


  • Any Side: Squeezable Products (I)

Output: (Powered Wooden pipe needed)

  • Any Side (Waterproof): Liquids (IV)
  • Top/Bottom: Canned Liquids (V)
  • Sides: Byproducts (III)
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