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 ^Name^Requires^Amount Produced^Byproducts| ^Name^Requires^Amount Produced^Byproducts|
-|(Any)|Can/Capsule ​with any liquid|1000 mB|Wax Capsule → Wax (10%)\\ Refractory ​Wax Capsule ​→ Refractory ​Wax (10%)\\ Tin Can → Tin (5%)| +|Can|Any Filled Can|1000 mB|Tin Ingot (5%)| 
- +|Refractory Capsule|Any Filled Refractory ​Capsule|1000 mB|Refractory ​Wax (10%)
-**Note:** The example above is for Water from Water Cans. Almost any liquid can be squeezed from its Can/​Capsule.+|Wax Capsule|Any Filled ​Wax Capsule|1000 mB|Beeswax ​(10%)|
 ===== Liquid Recipes ===== ===== Liquid Recipes =====
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