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A manual crafting table which remembers the last nine used recipes. Left click one of the recipes shown in the right-hand side to automatically fill in the crafting grid. Right-click to lock a memorized recipe and prevent a newer recipe from bumping it off.

Resources need to go into the internal inventory. The crafting matrix is only a visual representation.


I. Crafting grid:

Left-click or right-click in a slot to add or remove an item to the grid. Items placed here are “ghost” items and don't remove items from the stack.
The [x] to the top right of the grid will clear the recipe.

II. Product output slot:

Shows output of recipe which can be clicked to craft the item as long as there are the correct materials in the Resource Inventory.

III. Memorized recipe grid:

Displays the most recent 9 recipes created in the Worktable. To lock a recipe to memory, so it cannot be overwritten, right click the item in this area. A lock icon will be displayed.

IV. Resource inventory:

Place the necessary crafting resources here.



Crafting Table




  • 1 x Book
  • 1 x Crafting Table
  • 1 x Chest


  • 1 x Worktable
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