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Electrical Engine

The Electrical Engine is used to convert EU from IndustrialCraft² into RF (previously MJ1)). The engine produces 20 RF/t and requires 6 EU/t to run when not upgraded, and will accept any voltage.

Note: Requirements
This engine requires IndustrialCraft² for operation. If IndustrialCraft² is not installed it will not be available.



The electrical Engine can be upgraded with Copper, Bronze, Tin and Iron Electron Tubes.

The effects of these tubes are:

Type of TubeEffect (Max Stack)Change in EU inputChange in RF output
CopperElectric Choke (1)-2 EU/t-10 RF/t
TinElectric Boost I (2)+7 EU/t+20 RF/t
BronzeElectric Boost II (2)+15 EU/t+40 RF/t
IronElectric Efficiency (1)-1 EU/tN/A


Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot

Glass Block White Stained Glass Orange Stained Glass Magenta Stained Glass Light Blue Stained Glass Yellow Stained Glass Lime Stained Glass Pink Stained Glass Grey Stained Glass Light Grey Stained Glass Cyan Stained Glass Purple Stained Glass Blue Stained Glass Brown Stained Glass Green Stained Glass Red Stained Glass Black Stained Glass

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Tin Gear


Tin Gear

Electrical Engine



  • 1 x Electrical Engine
Changed in v4. Ratio is 10:1 RF:MJ
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