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Forestry Main Download


Alternate Downloads

Legacy2. CurseForge


API and Dev versions

See the build server or unstable build server for API downloads, developer binaries, and mod downloads.


If you wish to contribute to the project you can do so via the GitHub repository.


Forestry supports localizations. You can contribute localizations for the next Forestry release at GitHub.

Bug Reports

Bug reports can be filed at GitHub. Please only file bug reports there, not support requests or general issues with installation.

MCPC+/Cauldron is not supported because of changes it makes to base classes and other differences. Before you file an issue with an installation which has MCPC+/Cauldron installed, reproduce the issue with a non-MCPC+/Cauldron installation first!


Donations aren't currently accepted, but if you want to show your love for Sengir - who started Forestry - and play EVE Online, feel free to throw your virtual ISKs at “Aquna Eris”1) in-game. He'll put them to good use2).

The Feed The Beast team has created a mod pack that contains both Forestry and other main mods.
If you don't like manually installing mods, this is a great alternative. Get it here: Feed The Beast Website.


The code of “Forestry for Minecraft” in source or binary form is the intellectual property of SirSengir. You may not reproduce, redistribute or modify it unless noted otherwise below.

Forestry was relicensed by SirSengir to LGPLv3 on 7th August, 2014. As such you can fork and make commits to the project via the GitHub repository.

Mod Packs: You are free to add Forestry to your modpack and redistribute it, as long as the modpack is strictly non-profit and none of the other mods are included against their license. Yes, this even applies to packs made by people I don't like. Don't expect me to play tech support for your modpack though. (Applies to and later.)

Version History

For the latest changes, see the unstable build server's change log.

For older versions, see the changelogs inside the mod jar for changes from upwards or this link for even older changelogs.

“Aquna Eris” is an alt, don't bother putting a bounty on him.
Virtual binge drinking, senseless destruction of ships and property are considered “good use” in the context of this statement.
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