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This page gives you a step-by-step guide on how to install the current version of Forestry for Minecraft.

Please refer to the Table of Contents to your right for different installation methods.

Minimum Requirements

You will need both of the following to be able to use Forestry:

  • Minecraft;
  • Minecraft Forge.

The required versions will be listed on the download page.

Installing Using MultiMC (Easy)

MultiMC is a program created by Forkk13. It is used for managing multiple installations of Minecraft and to ease the installation of mods.

Creating a New Instance

You can either create a new instance or import an existing Minecraft installation. For this example, I'll create a new instance, as shown below:

Give the instance a name, and select the correct version of Minecraft for the version of the mod you're using.

Installing Minecraft Forge

Right-click the instance, and click on Edit Instance.

On the window that appears click Install Forge on the right-hand side. A window will appear with a list of versions. Choose the appropriate one for your Minecraft and Forestry versions (The Downloads page will usually state the Forge version to install).

Then, play the instance. When the game loads you should see a Mods button on the main title screen. If you do, then you can move to the next step.

Installing Forestry

To install Forestry, right-click the instance again and click on Edit Instance. Then, click Loader Mods on the left and then View Folder on the right.

Place the downloaded forestry_{minecraftversion}-{modversion}.jar in the folder.

Run Minecraft again, and click on the Mods button.

Forestry should be in there. If it is, pat yourself on the back, because you're now ready to play!

Manual Installation Method (Advanced)

This tutorial is meant for more advanced users, as it requires more fiddling.

Downloading and Installing Minecraft

You can refer to the Mojang Help Center for instructions on how to install a legal copy of Minecraft on your computer.

Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a requirement for Forestry and many other mods. You probably have it installed if you already have mods installed.

If you do, you can skip to Installing Forestry.

Installing Minecraft Forge

To manually install Minecraft Forge you just need to download the correct installer for the version of Minecraft you're running from the Forge website.

Run the installer and select Install Client and magic will be worked.

Testing the Installation

Run Minecraft. If you've got a button labelled Mods on the title screen then you're done.

You can now close Minecraft, because it's time to install Forestry!

Installing Forestry

Locate your Minecraft folder by following this guide. There should be a folder called mods in there. Open that folder, and place the forestry_{mc_version}-{mod_version}.jar that you downloaded inside that folder.

Run Minecraft again, and click on the Mods button.

Forestry should be in there. If it is, pat yourself on the back, because you're now ready to play!

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