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Charcoal Pit

The Charcoal Pit is a seamless multiblock structure which refines Wood Piles into Charcoal Blocks.

Fireproof Material

Wall BlockCharcoal per Wood Pile
Clay Block12
End Stone15
End Stone Bricks15

Building the Pit

Step 1

  • Lay out a connected Wood Piles structure.
  • Size and shape does not matter.

Step 2

  • Place a fireproof block on every open Wood Pile face.
  • Leave one block open for ignition.

Step 3

  • Use a Flint & Steel and ignite one Wood Pile.

Step 4

  • Cover up the fire with a fireproof block.
  • Make sure the ignited Wood Pile block is still there when covering it up.
  • If there are smoke particles around your charcoal pit it is running.

Step 5

  • Wait until the particles are gone. This takes a good amount of time!
  • Dig up the fireproof blocks. The pit should be filled with Charcoal Blocks.

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