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Soldering Iron

The Soldering Iron is a tool used for attaching Electron Tubes to Circuit Boards in order to manipulate how an Electrical Engine works or to program MultiFarms. As well as upgrading the Squeezer or Centrifuge.

Once Electron Tubes have been attached to Circuit Boards they cannot be removed, only replaced. The Circuit Boards are automatically crafted as soon as the basic recipe requirements are met, so it's best practice to place your Electron Tubes and then the Circuit Boards.

The Soldering Iron can also be used to remove Circuit Boards from Electrical Engines, MultiFarms, Squeezers and Centrifuges by opening the machine's GUI and left clicking the Soldering Iron on to the circuit board slot.


I. Machine Type Selection

Using the arrows it is possible to select between Electrical Engine, Managed Farms or Manual Farms.

II. Electron Tube Input

Place sufficient Electron Tubes in the slots in order to create a valid recipe for the desired Circuit Boards.

III. Electron Tube Effect

Displays the effect the Electron Tubes will have on the selected machine type.

IV. Circuit Board Input

Place a circuit board in the slot.

V. Circuit Board Output

The soldered circuit board will be output in the slot once the recipe requirements are met.


Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Bronze Ingot

Soldering Iron

1000 mB Water


  • 1 x Bronze Ingot
  • 3 x Iron Ingot
  • 1000mB Water


  • 1 x Soldering Iron
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